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Chinese vaccines do not control Omicron


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On 1/28/2022 at 1:36 AM, johanson said:

Who should you believe? Folks posting on Facebook and on forums like this or your family doctor, whom you and yours have been going to for years.

Me? I checked with my doctor, lakeside and my family doctor up here in Seattle.  They both tressed the same thing, get your vaccine shots.

So I got my first Pfizer shot last March, my second in April and a Moderna booster shot in late December.  

I had only a very small negative reaction from each of the shots and I feal great today.

So, folks, check with your trusted doctors, not Facebook.

Please, if it is possible and safe for you, get your Vaccine shots ASAP

See you all lakeside next week

If you want  your doctor; you  check--HA-  HA!!

A few words/letters deleted by Mod5

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