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iLox out in Chula Vista


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Have you reported the problem to ILOX at noc@mail.ilox.mx? I was out for a good part of one day but shortly after sending an email I received a response that they were aware of the problem and would restore service as soon as possible.

Look at the modem lights also. If the PON is still green then the problem is somewhere outside the house. If the LOS light is red or the PON is out then there is a local problem.

No Ilox issues in Las Salvias.

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My point was that whenever you report a problem such as this it is advisable to give the person on the other end as much information as possible. That person is blind to the real issue unless you give up what you know. Always include an account number and address.

Imagine a report saying that only that my Internet doesn't work or my printer doesn't work. The obvious retort is how doesn't it work? Is the printer turned on? Are any of the modem lights on?

I had a weird Ilox problem where Nord VPN wouldn't connect nor was it possible for iTunes to connect to the Apple store.  After being specific to the second tech (the first said everything looked OK), Ilox resolved the problem. Never knew what they did but the next day everything was back to normal.

While Ilox internet works fine for me, the phone never did as many here have attested. After countless attempts I had to give it up and go back to Telmex. The only difference now is that Telmex is either on or off (up or down) with many down intervals starting with the text message that service is out in your area. Ilox VOIP always appeared to be up but never worked right. Neither is acceptable but then cell phone calls drop too.

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