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Epic Fail

Eric Blair

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First he was by Walmart and now Soriana.

Youngish guy w/Woman having her arm around his waist.

He is "wearing" a urine cath-bag at his waist w/tube tucked into his belt. Large bag half-full w/yellowish fluid.

Guess he missed anatomy class or else he would have known the bladder is below the waist and liquid won't flow uphill. Also, urine cath bags are worn under the pant leg and usually just above knee level.

"A" for effort, but "F" in anatomy.

Next time he gets $20.00 from me for creativity.

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I was wondering where this was going. First of all, you can clamp a urinary catheter and clip it to your waste so you can walk around with it. When you feel your bladder getting full, you lower the bag and unclamp the catheter to allow your bladder to empty. Other than that I don’t know what the big deal it is. 

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