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Next Section of the PV Cuota Opens

John Shrall

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On 12/27/2021 at 11:57 AM, mudgirl said:

Normally, yes. But I wouldn't call a 5 hour bus ride in the middle of a pandemic, sitting next to possibly unvaccinated people wearing flimsy masks or wearing a mask under their nose or down around their chin to be "safe" in the least.

I agree with you.....however my experience on these has been that they are very lightly loaded if not at holiday times....and so if I wasn't going in a private car, I'd choose the luxury coach over being in a crowded airport terminal / gate / plane...

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OK, to get back to the relevant topic ( sorry, but there are enough other threads to argue about Covid protocols and safe practices, etc.) ---What is the total cost of taking the toll road from picking up the Macrolibramiento  off Lopez Mateos Sur to San Pancho?

Thank you !

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The PASE toll chip site shows 5 booths on that trip plus the new one

1 $96  Chapala6 is at the entrance from the Chapala-GDL hwy

2 $239 Santa Cecelia is after crossing the GDL _ Colima hwy

3 $249 Plan de Barancas on 15D hwy north towards Tepic

4 $138 Arnado Nervo 1 on the 1st section of the new road

5 $38 Compostella 4 where you return to the free road in Compostella

6 $60 posted in this forum for the new section

Should total $820

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