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I am a Permanent Resident of Mexico. I am wanting to travel outside Mexico for an extended period of time and in order to get the visas to do so, I must provide a Federal criminal record check proving I have a clean record. How do I go about obtaining a criminal record check here in Mexico? Please advise, and thank you.

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This link might be of some help (scroll down), but it's already almost a year old:

Requerimientos para obtener en México la carta de antecedentes no penales

Some States are switching to on-line processing for this document, but I'm not sure if you can do so at the federal level.

Also not sure what the current situation is in light of COVID, but a couple years ago, this was how it worked.

If you do end up having to go to CDMX in person, the office is near Coyoacan. All the taxi drivers know where the office is located. The lines are often long (like hundreds of people waiting). If you're an old person, however, go right to the front and talk to one of the guards. There's a special line and special waiting room just for old folks and you will be moved ahead of everyone else younger. Also, no operating cell phones or other electronic devices allowed inside; must be turned off in the presence of a guard. Be sure to get a legible copy of the document dark enough to be copied and don't leave until you do. I was in and out in less than an hour.


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18 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

Cost in Chapala is under $200mx for Jalisco... takes about 10 minutes. Unless something has changed you need to appear in person in DF for a federal. It is free there and should take about 4minutes.

The US Department of State accepts an Jalisco report. You might try it for your need 

Are you able to tell me where the office is that I must go to in Chapala? I'll give this a whorl as I certainly don't want to go DF just for this. tnx


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Ask, office in Chapala in the plaza does not do certification if apostille or legalization is required.  FGR formerly PGR does do federal in Guadalajara but only if there is a consulate request.  

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On 12/17/2021 at 1:28 PM, Mostlylost said:

A Federal record check needs to be done in Mexico City.  You can get an Jalisco check on the south side of the Plaza in Chapala.  The Jalisco record is far more impressive looking than the federal one. Try and see if they will take it. 

What bull shit- millions coming north and no checks--People are so full of BULL SHIT--SORRY FOR MY FRNCH--HA

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The Federal Police report can ONLY be obtained, in person, at the singular location in Mexico City. I needed one several months ago. I went to their website, submitted information and obtained an appointment. Be sure to follow their instructions, be punctual, have ALL of the required paperwork, passport(s), and copies as indicated on the website.

The actual process was well organized and I was in and out within about 30-45 minutes with the important document in my hands. It can be done in the same day with an early morning flight to DF, success with obtaining the document, and later returning to GDL. Since I needed to "certify" the document, I had to spend the night to go to a Consulate the following day. 

There's a nice Hotel just around the corner from the Federal building where you get this document. Had good service at a fair price. Send me a PM, if you want the name of the Hotel.

In my case, neither the Jalisco state nor Mexico State criminal history report would suffice. The Federal Police report was required. Good luck with your project.

Val Jones :)

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