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2 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

Speaking of which...


"Wasted childhoods", Fauci "devotees"?

What a bunch of overdramatic Covid denier BS. 

Economic hardship and other problems are not the result of responsible public health measures, they are the result of a deadly pandemic. 

Sure it's a hardship to have your work dry up, but you can't go to work at all if you're dead.

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40 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:

You're simply demonstrating you  don't know who is doing the questioning.  Go do your homework.


LOL. You have never provided a single link from anyone REPUTABLE that is doing any questioning. So sorry that the scientists weren't ready to go the second that the pandemic hit. They could have been much more prepared... if they had been given funding. imho, we are VERY lucky to even have the vaccines. In the meantime, joe jackhammer can keep telling the scientists and medical personnel how to do their job.

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