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Cancelling ILOX


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I intend to cancel ILOX and switch to Totalplay mainly because of an accounting problem.

I pay my bill every month on their website using a credit card and for the last 8 months I get a statement with an accumulating total indicating I have not paid the previous months and the total is now over $5000. The ILOX website even documents every payment. I have emailed ILOX several times, I have been to the office and the problem continues. I think the only way to resolve the problem before it gets way out of control is to terminate the service now.

Anyone else had a similar issue or had a problem just terminating the service.

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I too paid for a year of service 18 months in advance; after the year of prepaid service was up they threatened that if I didn't give them my credit card to bill automatically they would cut me off. I refused to give them my credit card info and they cut me off; after a couple of days my service was restored and I have been paying monthly ever since.

If they try to charge my credit card after I terminate the service I will dispute the charge and then cancel the card.

Glad to hear so many people are happy with TotalPlay.

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I too paid for a year of service 18 months in advance. I was lucky. They unilaterally cancelled my contract and made a full refund a week after they installed service because i complained that their service was cutting out several times an hour. I knew this because i have Obitalk for my Google Voice and they send me an e-mail every time i was losing internet service and I was getting several e-mails an hour for the first weekend after a Friday installation.

Those of you you have been on this board at the time might remember the sh*t i got from many posters.

All I can say now is what I said then: "I'm just the first!"

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