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CBX crossing at Tiajuana


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22 minutes ago, oregontochapala said:

They who?

CBX is just a border crossing between Tijuana and San Diego.

Yes, the vaccinatore there of course.

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37 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

The CBX bridge is not issuing anything but tickets for the bridge. 

Why would they- It is a major vacinating site for many people

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Strange. Tiajuana?   Vaccinatore?  Vacinating?

Might you be confusing the Tijuana Cross Border Xpress bridge, CBX, with CVS, the pharmacy chain?  

CBX is an enclosed pedestrian skybridge that spans the U.S./Mexico border, connecting a passenger building in San Diego directly to the Tijuana Airport. 

There does appear to be 'something', maybe a pharmacy, called 'Tijuana Innovadora' in Otay Mesa USA right there at the bridge that google maps shows but gives no information about. Could THAT be what you are referring to?





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17 hours ago, cedros said:

 Does anyone know if they issue a proof of vaccination with a QR code on it.

The state of California does, about 3 weeks post-vaccination. There's a website you can google with the info you used to set up the appt for your vaccine and you use that to download your CA proof of Covid-19 vaccination and it has a QR code on it; I've only done mine that way...I have no idea how this works if someone has not provided the email contact info.

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