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Cateract surgery for small dog.

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No, BUT for years and years all dogs needing this surgery were sent to Mexico City to a special ophthalmology dog clinic.

VERY recently, one of the doctors who worked there has set up a new office, fully equipped for this and other surgeries, in Guadalajara.

I don't have his contact info but if you phone Dr. Antonio Ladron's Guad clinic 333 121 7299   they will have it.  He recently connected a friend with this specialist whose dog has a different, but serious problem.

Can't remember names now, but have known several over the years who sent dogs to DF to the original clinic, always with excellent results.

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1 hour ago, happyjillin said:

 I have had several dogs that got old enough to get cataracts and they learned to function quite well with their other senses.  Save your dog from unnecessary agony and your pocket book from something not needed.

NOT your pet.... NOT your call!!!

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FYO. This is Chispa,age 16 who started getting cataracts 4 years ago. She turned to me because I called her not because she could see me. Don't put your dog through surgery . They ain't like us. Don't drive, watch TV look at puter screen and any # of things us humans need to get cataract surgery when we get old. Some blind humans have real talent to do things us ordinary people can never do as well as them like Ray Charles, Doc Watson,Frank McKenna,Jeff Healey. Dogs have waay better hearing, vision and other senses than we do to start with and the lose of sight[eg] is compensated by an increase in their other senses. Chispa gets around just fine and at her age surgery could kill her. One of my Springers was almost  blind with cataracts at her last hunt[age 13] but boy did she enjoy it anyway.

Hope you have learned something natasha and that you will never harm your dogs ,if you have any, because they ain't like you.



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This is very much an individual pet owner's decision, but I have to say I agree with Pedro. I would think long and hard about putting an elderly pet through surgery and strongly consider quality of life issues. Dogs and cats adapt amazingly well to disabilities such as blindness.

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