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Warning - Dog grooming experience today at Gee’s Pets in SAT

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a warning ..My first experience there.. convenient to my house so I wanted to give them a try. Took my two small poodle type dogs there today for grooming at 1pm and was told they’d be ready in about 2 hrs. After several calls where I was told they were not yet ready I was finally able to pick them up at 6:45pm.  The haircuts were ridiculous- not a major deal , it’s only hair after all and will grow back. My real issue is that the groomer had decided to tranquilize one of my dogs for the process — without even notifying me or getting my permission. I didn’t know until I went to pick them up.  I had to carry him all the way home as he could not move or stand.  He was able to stand finally around 8pm.  not only did they tranquilize him without my permission, I believe that he was over sedated and that’s why they kept pushing back the pick up time and telling me they weren’t yet ready. FYI he’s on the nervous side so I’ve no doubt he wasn’t happy about getting groomed; however he’s been groomed before somewhere else and no problems.  The vet was not on site at pickup , only the groomer, but I plan on going there tomorrow to speak with him 

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I've been taking my girls to Furry Friends in Mirasol for grooming and boarding for 7 years.  Always happy.  Abby can't wait to get in their door. They can hear her crying from across the carretera because we can't get there fast enough. But that's Abby. She's 40 lbs of high energy and all muscle. Both dogs are finished in 3 hrs. Never had a cut or burn on Precious and I have her shaved and clipped very short. I'm sorry you had such an upsetting experience. 

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