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As long as grass clippings don't have weed killer on them tilling them into the soil works good. If you make a small compost area turning to air it every other day or so it reduces in size quick after it starts cooking and makes good nitrogen soil. You can speed it up by adding a little vinegar and coke or sugar. But eh potting soil is cheap. Watch out for cow manure bags. They are hot a lot of the time mixed with their urine that can be acidic too.

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15 hours ago, sm1mex said:

Garden store east of old 7-11 lake side but $$. Also the mom and pop store on the lake side across from the rock pit place. Be careful just buying in bulk as you can get plenty of weeds and seeds in the common dirt.  

Where is the "rock pit place"

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A horse place in San Nicolas has horse manure mixed with straw.

They is a large composting place in Riberas that has good soil.

Some of the nurseries sell soil from gound scraping in the Oak forests in th Mazamitla area.

The vivero behind Superlake has pretty good soil.  

Alseca west of Ajijic on the lake side of the carretera has several different kinds of garden soil.

I have brought 70 or 80 large bags of soil for my large garden. Quality varies a lot

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