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4 minutes ago, happyjillin said:

Monty was a working dog and no sissy. She had a natural almost waterproof coat as all Springers do for leaping into frigid water to retrieve game and sometimes just for fun.

howdy the wonder dog.jpg

Just kidding...my 3 Mexican rescue dogs (Chiquita Banana, El Duke and the newest Kuka Loca) would get nowhere near that kind of situation. They do however patrol my property and alert to strange noises and people!!!

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1 hour ago, Bisbee Gal said:

I gauge cold weather by the chihuahua who basks in the sun outside its house in the next block.   He started wearing sweaters a few weeks ago.  The owners are working class folks, but their dog has more outfits than I do!

That's a hoot.


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