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4 hours ago, oregontochapala said:

The same family now has a store in W. Ajijic called Hola! Market where they mainly stock products from Costco at a very reasonable markup. They will also get you whatever you want that they don't stock.

Can you tell me approximately where the Hola store is located. Thanks

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3 minutes ago, oregontochapala said:

Next door to Fresh Market, the produce store on the mountain side, not too much past the location of the Tuesday market. Emmanuel's is on the other side.

Thanks oregontochapala. Will give them a try because I no longer enjoy driving to COSCO. Was there today to stock up on Golden Retriever supplies and had to wait about 50 minutes in line before getting to the cashier.😒 (Pancho has a huge markup so no longer bother).

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What can I say except OOPS?

For those of  us who are not inclined to drive to Guad for Costco needs, there is a service available which I have happily used for several years now.  They take your order on Sundays from their website listing the Costco products and deliver it to your door on Wednesday or Thursday.  Reasonable fees.  Lakeside-SS.com

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