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need guidance anyone taken highway 70 to pv and stopped at Sabastian or other sights on the way


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Roads not great but doable, just don't get in a hurry.  Very scenic and Mascota and Talpa both worth visiting.  They roll up the sidewalks in San Sebastian around 4PM.  It seems to depend largely on tours coming out of PV.

There is probably some damage due to the heavy rains this season.  Maybe someone here has driven recently?

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That's a trip that 'everyone' should take at least once.... just preferably NOT after a big rain in the area due to landslides on a stretch of the road that was, in the Mexican way, very poorly engineered. The initial part of the trip is through sugarcane country (just don't do that during sugarcane harvest time!), then a stop in Talpa de Allende and a stay-over in Mascota maybe; then on the way to PV the next morning a stop in San Sebastian del Oeste is in order. After departing that little burg you will cross over the spectacular El Puente de Cristal bridge and realize that before it was there not that many years ago one had to snake down the canyon-side on a dirt road and cross the river... and I mean drive through the water..... and back up the other side of the canyon!

As I say, a sure 'at least one time in your life' way to go to PV from Lakeside.


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We took this route to PV on 15 October, returned on 18th. Relatively speaking, the road is in good condition. Have driven it when it was much worse.  No hold ups (trafficwise or otherwise). there are spots in which there are holes, most about 50 cms in diameter, and various depths. Bad to hit at speed and always seem to be just as you come around a curve and do not have time to see them. Traffic was not very heavy in either direction. One can buy delicious mango chutney in San Sebastian but the store is closed on Mondays. Its a little diversion on a gravel road. The road to and from Mascota is OK.  Have a nice drive and as the others have said, enjoy the scenery.

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I've been on this route several times. There are three fascinating towns along the way: Mascota, Talpa de Allende, and San Sebastian del Oeste. I've done postings on my photojournal blog on all three places that you might find interesting if you are looking for places to stop.




Please note that each of these is a multi-part series. There is a LOT to see in each place and they are each very different from the other. If you have time, you might even think about stopping overnight. There is a great hotel in Mascota that I show in the blog.

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