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Gentlemen, and Ladies too...

Earlier today I was in Farmacia Guadalajara (Ajijic) and, on my way out I decided I would go in the new store next to it.  This is a new hardware store called Just Tools.   I was very much impressed by the look and inventory in the store.  So much so, that I walked out with a new hose, a new saw, and new gloves for working in the garden. If you have not already been there, check it out.  I can see that I will be shopping there frequently in the future.



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I also like the store. Went in to browse shortly after it opened and came out with four items. I prefer this kind of set up because, in many other hardware stores, you have to ask someone for exactly what you need and they disappear to find it... maybe. 

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LOVE this store. Like a mini Home Depot lol

I was recently in the market for a high end tool box. Bought one Mercadolibre but the seller dropped the ball so I canceled the order and went to Tool Town. They special ordered the same box and gave me a 30% discount for any purchase over $3000 ! Saved over 2000 pesos and got the box in a couple of days.


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