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Kiwi Cordovan shoe polish

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1 hour ago, Fred Habacht said:

I don't want it that badly....my shoes can be kept somewhat polished with Brown polish.....I just did not want to give up yet.

Do NOT have it shipped to you via Laredo, and then  get to here via iShop courier.  Just did that twice..... first time too stupid to know "the system"  and Amazon's (private U.S.  selller ) does not ship to Mexico. What happens is: 

1.  gets to Laredo and immediately goes to customs regardless of dollar value.                                                                                                                  2. customs broker gets involved and duty is assessed by some mean fairy elf at whim                                                                                                     3.  now comes from Laredo to iShop (in your case)..... BUT.... ship cost from Laredo to here even for boxholder is based on weight and total lineal measure of pagckage.                                                                                                                                                                                                              So for a $27 USD Amazon purchase, plus ship and tax, was $35.71.....PLUS another $29 USD to get it here because shipper used a box 5 times too big so under weight but oversized. 😱🤬

2nd because it was something I REALLY needed and was ONLY available in Canada ?????  so was even more complicated but that's on me.

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43 minutes ago, Fred Habacht said:

Thanks....I have been burned by Ishop before but this junk is "so" light.....now it will just not be able to be ordered and I will survive.

Actually Fred it's not their fault. Because of high volume of stuff arriving at Laredo, it's  Customs that has required inspection of each and every item, even if under the $50 limit. Apparently a lot of under-declared value and/or smuggling being tried.  

When Amazon ships directly (from U.S.) they have a means to bypass that .... probably by virtue of huge volume they handle???  And IF the shipper takes the easy road, as in my case, and puts something very small in a much larger but "convenient" box, then the lineal measure rule applies.

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