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Roto door repair


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It is a front entrance door that is hinged on the left side. It has glass squares ringed by metal strips. I think it is a European type door. It has a multiple locking system. Very secure but hard to close when misaligned. You can google it and see the configuration. 

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If it's all metal with glass squares, I would call Beto at El Tempisque and make your enquiries. I have three of these doors and replaced them with exactly the same style. Three panes across and four panes down. The only difference I made in the doors was the centre panel opens for air but is still secure when locked. These doors are perfectly balanced and can close with a finger. Or it may the locking system is giving way. In which case I would call Aragon. A new mechanism made all the difference (before I replaced the doors) when the door was difficult to close.

Beto at El Tempisque... cell (or whatsapp) 333-170-7410

Aragon locksmiths... cell 333-171-9033

The third possibility is that your foundation is shifting. I sure hope not.

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