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LCS Prueba México Program


LCS classes are not first come first serve, they are first payed first served.

To sign up, make sure your membership is current and covers the duration of this course.

Registration requires payment. There is no refund.


A Mushroom WorkShop


Event Fee: $600 MXN

Event Dates: Dec 09, 2021

Event Time: Thursday, 11:00 to 2:00 pm

Event Location: Gazebo

Min/Max Students required: 6/12

Enrollment ends Dec 04.


Description: The course will be practical and theoretical. The theoretical part will consist in a presentation about Fungi kingdom, their properties and how to grow them. In the practical part, each participant will inoculate a bucket with mycelium of oyster mushrooms, which can be taken home to cultivate their own mushrooms in a period of 20-40 days.

This is a class not to be missed


We will follow the health protocol. No exceptions.


About our instructor

Ksenia Klimov. Biol.

Contac: kseniaklimovkra@gmail.com


Ksenia Klimov, Biologist specialized in mycology and immunology. Her main interest is research on the medicinal use of fungi and their cultivation. She has done research stays on immunology at several universities, including the University of Zurich, UNAM and CINVESTAV. Recently she founded with her business partner a company called Griibok dedicated to the sale and education of medicinal mushrooms, she is dedicated to the cultivation, research, scientific dissemination of mushrooms and teaching courses on mushroom cultivation.

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