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No Telmex internet


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52 minutes ago, adolphsj said:

Out in SE Ajijic near lower La Floresta, as it was for 30 hrs two weeks ago….anyone else?  Seems more often last few months.  I don’t get the messages from Telmex that some of you do.

Telmex will only send messages if it is an large area that is affected. If it is just your house or 2 or 3 houses on your street you will need to report it to Telmex.  Also you will have to have your cell number known to Telmex for them to message. Call to report using your cell and they will associate it with your account. 

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Near Aeroclub and internet was out for sometime in Aug and Sept lately it's been for a week from oct 1 and again for a week from Oct 24 and now has been out since Nov 9th. No explanations for past or present what's going on. They seem to know something. Everytime it comes back they send an email 

But something weird has happened. I called to get credit for the time it's been down (they owe me for over a month now) and they said they could not adjust the account while the internet wasn't working. I don't understand why they cant credit my account. What does billing have to do with my service working? Something wrong with that I think.


Here is another funny part. I do the paperless bill. Can't pay in oxxo or other places without the bill. So I have had to MORE THAN ONCE use another internet to pay telmex internet. ??? What happens if it's out for several months. You just have to keep paying? Something is wrong with that. What would profeco say about that?

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