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I tried to schedule an appt. at the US Consulate to  get some real estate documents ( California sale ) notarized but either the website is not working or they are fully booked through 2022. No opening slots anytime. 

Options ?


Thanks !

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23 minutes ago, ea93105 said:

They say if a non US notary is used, the papers must go through an Apostille process. I booked an appointment at the embassy in Mexico City for Nov 3, but would rather find a way locally.

Have you checked with a notary here as to their ability to get the documents apostilled?   It would be interesting for all of us

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8 hours ago, MtnMama said:

When discussing the problems they have having at the consulate in an interview with the real Guad Reporter, the person mentioned use of an online notary as an option. There is an online notary who advertises in the Ojo. You might check with her.

I reached out to Valerie's sister which was mentioned in another thread, but she said California is a "no go"



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1 hour ago, tomgates said:

I see a trip to Tijuana in your future!

Ha, booked a $300 roundtrip flight to San Antonio. Notary is coming to the airport and I fly back same day. Signatures needed for quick escrow so rather be safe than sorry.

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