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McAllen to Chapala Driving Suggestions: Safety


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2 hours ago, southland said:

Hey Mostly,

Under the category "there are no dumb questions," I want to confirm in pic 4 and in pic 5, that I am to take the Zacatecas right hand turn because presumably at that point I am past SLP and don't want to go back to SLP.

Yes? No?

Thanks. I see you say right turn pic 4+5 but then there are words put under a pic that say "turn onto route around SLP," which is slightly confusing. Thanks.

  Going south. 

In previous post pic 1 & 2  1st &2nd signs say  ZACATECAS LEON SAN LUIS POTOSI 

In previous post Pic 3 3rd sign at split SAN LUIS POTOSI cuota GUADALAJARA

Go straight for apx 9km or 6 miles to the right turn around SLP pics 4 & 5  (if you don't turn you will go into SLP)

In previous post Pics 4 & 5   Sign Cuota ZACATECAS GUADALAJARA leads you onto 49D the route around SLP. 2 toll booths and just before the first one a Pemex with clean bathrooms and food.  Follow signs with no turns you will enter 80 which will enter straight to 80D and the next turn is after the toll booth apx 110km or 70 miles. It will be a right to the ring around Lagos de Moreno. 

In the SLP bypass cuota there is one intersection designed crazy ... be in left lane follow sign SAN LUIS POTISI GUADALAJARA  (PIC 1) 

Now be in right lane and follow sign GUADALAJARA (pic2) 

next sign will read both AGUASCALIENTES GUADALAJARA (pic3)


pic 1.JPG

Pic 2.JPG


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Many thanks Rick and Mostly, et al.

Mexican signage intuition is different than signage intuition north of the border.

Or, maybe this is one simple explanation: Not enough over-the-road-lanes signs in advance.

Those overhead signs can get drivers to move over a lane in anticipation of the final exit signage.

Instead, a driver is given an all or none choice, turn or don't turn, only one sign at the exit signage.

Anyway, this thread makes me much better prepared than before.

Now does someone have a color printer, lol.


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Get yourself a GPS. Then you know in advance which lane to be in and how far to the next turn or exit.  I use a Garmin which I think is the best one, I also have the Waze app on my phone which is good, but the trouble with using your cell phone is that sometimes it can lose the signal which is OK as long you are still following the route, but if you have deviated from that route at all without a cell signal it  can’t tell you how to get get back on track. That is why I prefer using a GPS for long trips..

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