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New Video for RV gringo


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Absolutely beautiful!  It took me back some 45 years to the final days of our South Pacific sailing adventure. We actually sold the schooner in Ali Wai, Honolulu, four years after sailing out of Gloucester, MA.  Those were good years. Thanks for bringing them back.🤘

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4 hours ago, sm1mex said:

Did he pass away?

Yes, he died at 39, I suspect of congestive heart failure. His brother, Skippy, who also performed with him, also had obesity problems, and died at 36. At one point, IZ weighed over 700 lbs! Over 10,000 people attended his funeral and ashes. The flag of Hawaii flew at half mast, although he was not popular with the government, advocating against tourism bulldozing over local culture and people.

Another voice from the past is Yusef, or more well known as Cat Stevens. He has released his first new album for 50 plus years. It is doing well in the U.K. charts. He lives in Quatar (or Bahrain, not too sure on that one). I don' t know if he will ever return to the USA after he was immediately deported after 9/11 when his Muslim name turned out to be someone on the terrorist watch list.

This link has a reanimated very short version of "tea for the tillerman" which says is rekindle our hopes for the future.





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