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1 hour ago, johanson said:

That's right. It's just that iPhones receive the messages sooner than those silly android things. If you don't believe me, check it out on Bing or Google search.

That would totally depend on the model of your phone. I use android phone and get messages instantly and so all other Android phones we have. While my brother had an iphone and didn't receive messages instantly and on the end basically he didn't receive them anymore even after a factory reset and had to buy a new phone.

It has nothing to do with android being silly it just depends being an older or newer or better model of a phone no matter if it is apple or Android phone. 

The only reason we have an ipad is for the school of the children where they demand to be an ipad basically because of the apps being available on it. But otherwise I would never have bought an apple device because of all the limitations it has compared to android devices which is for me way more silly.

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