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where is the nearest Totalplay office in Ajijic or riberas directions please


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16 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

Unfortunately, you cannot create or sign in until you have an account and made your first payment.

My bad. I assumed (wrongly?) that OP already had an account.       But will say this.... the day they install you pay the installer up front, and from that moment forward you CAN create an account tho' I needed a lot of hand holding to do it.🤣

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When my install was done, the Installer who came was bilingual (sort of......). He wrote his cellphone number on the box and said "call ME if you have any problems.  Well, I wasn't all that fussy about his attitude so instead, when I wanted my 2nd TV installed after all, I did a request on line with MiCuenta.  And who showed up at the door.? ..... same guy    LOL LOL LOL  (we've now resolved our differences I think).

Conclusion (?) IF Luis is an installer, he might have to go thru' office for OS (ordén de servicio)  but that's what I had done, and it still kicked back to Uzziel.  If Luis is a sales guy, then yes... he should be able to help.  At least that's my present (ever-changing) understanding of this whole system

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