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Chapala. Thai Food and more, 331 796 7501. When they have their shrimp burger on. Patties made from pounded prawns, slice of cheddar on the side, excellent thai spices, sweet potato fries. They only have specials Wed, Thur, Friday. Delivery only. They will return to full menu one week after they complete their move back from Yucatan. Facebook.

Guadalajara. Robert burger, on the way back from Guadalajara, doesn't open until 6 eves. Find on Facebook for location beside the Guadalajara/ Chapala highway. Basically a very popular taco and burger stand. He has been making his signature dinner plate size burgers since 1976. Quality, fresh ingredients and great prices. Three meals from one burger! They are that big. 100 pesos.


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31 minutes ago, tomgates said:

Elsewhere it was said that they opened at 3 or 4pm.

Opens at 4.  Agree it's a great burger al carbon, and huge!  Too huge for me after 4 in the afternoon.  Hoping the hours change if this high season is busier than last (used to open for lunch most days).  

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