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There are/used to be a couple of small places in San Antonio on Ramon Valazquez... the street down the side of Sunrise Restaurant. The first one was at the first street intersection, SE corner. Had 3 pads. Then half a block on down Valazquez on the left was/is a more established lot for about 5-6 RVs.

There was also a lot pretty much across the street from Lety's Seafood Restaurant in SanAntonio, down Gonzalez Gallo. Behind a big blue gate #74D. It was a private lot with only 1 or 2 spaces but I knew a guy/wife who used to be there with their small trailer.  Haven't a clue how to find out if it still exists or who to contact if so. Maybe the folks in Lety's would know.

These may be gone or full... I don't know the status these days.


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dichosalocura would you have more info of this place in or near Chapala Haciendas as I like to keep up with rv places as we have rv friends that like to come to this area.

It is good to have a choice of where you want to be. We live in our motorhome have been in Roca Azul for 2 years San Antonio for 4 years and now in Chapala rv park almost 3 years. We love it here but not every place is what some one likes so it is a good thing to have a choice of places to be

The Chapala RV Park is actually 2 kms from Ixtlahuacan which is 10 min to Chapala.

By the way Hi Ron

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