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Live NetTV Harmful App

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22 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

A fire stick app is an android app

A Firestick app is not a not an android app.. if you have a Firestick then you download a Firestick app, if you have an android device you download an android app.. 

Live Net 2.2 version is working well.   Maybe someone is trying to sell more Clear Choice programing 

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9 minutes ago, gringohombre said:

I have the Live NetTV Firestick app  and recently it comes up requiring to click to upgrade. Each time I click it goes back the the upgrade requirement and 'round and 'round...any suggestions?

Yes.  Talk to Rich. That's part of what he came to my house on Thursday to fix.  SImple for those who know what they're doing

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When I updated mine. It left the old logo with a version 4.8 yellow banner, but added the new logo with a yellow Amazon banner.


Clicking the version 4.8 kept saying to update. Using the Amazon version works fine.  


I manually deleted the old version.

As noted by others, if you're not sure of how to do it yourself, contact Rich. I found him to be quite knowledgeable and friendly.


Attached pic of the two logos side by side.


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I’m unable to determine if this app is malicious or not. However, just because an app is working well or the logo says Amazon, doesn’t mean the app is not malicious. It could be working well, but still collect sensitive data and install viruses in the background. I don’t know Rich. Perhaps someone who knows him could check with him and report back?

I searched the Amazon App store, and surprisingly, did not find any Antivirus Apps there. Anyone know if there is a way to download the Amazon version of Live NetTV app (on to a laptop or phone/tablet) and run a virus scan?

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