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Ranch Dog of the Month - Meet Snow

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Ranch Dog of the Month
by Syd Sullins

August marked the third year that Snow has been in our shelter. We hate to see lovable dogs spend so much of their life with us, but Snow’s story is complicated.

When she and her five litter mates were very young, they were found near death in a culvert by a local rescuer. The rescuer has a huge heart and is usually able to help all her dogs learn to trust again, but she didn’t have any luck with this group. Their trauma was severe. They basically acted feral. When they were about six months old, the rescuer asked us to take them as they were just too much for her.

We did accept them and it took a while to start to get through to them. But our Ranch hands as usual worked their magic, and one by one they became more socialized and we were able to find adopters for some….but Snow and two of her brothers remain at The Ranch.

They are all now wonderful dogs. They might be a bit hesitant with strangers but can’t resist anyone who comes into their run with a leash - they love their walks. Snow especially is a sweet and loving dog. She’s happy to have visitors, does well with other dogs and has perfect manners on leash. But, as often is the case with white dogs, she’s deaf. Also she has a irritable digestive system and does best with grain free food. And for some reason she’s lost many of her teeth.

I was fortunate enough to foster her for several weeks to evaluate how she behaved in a home. I loved having her! She did often seek out a room to be by herself to nap. The bathroom was a favorite spot but she also was often very sociable and loved to be near me. She did really well with my other dogs. She immediately figured out house training, although she did best if she was kenneled at night.

So Snow comes with a little baggage, but most of us carry some as well. I do know that she’s a wonderful dog that is so deserving a warm, loving forever home. She has more than done her time at The Ranch. Could you be the special person she’s been looking for?



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