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3 minutes ago, Mainecoons said:


Anyone who thinks they are going to get covid from a 2 second walk by on a sidewalk and therefore they have to wear a face diaper outdoors is seriously covid deranged.  

Most people KNOW that the wearing of a mask is to protect OTHERS, and do it for that reason.Let you conscience be your guide-eh!

joke no mask.jpg

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21 hours ago, RickS said:

Since (at least) Ajijic is known for its very narrow sidewalks it's probably a good idea to wear a mask while navigating them.... IMO.

If you are an anti-masker and/or anti-vaxer, please disregard the previous common-sense thought. It probably doesn't apply to you!




I'm fully vaccinated and wear a mask when near others...now waiting on my booster

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4 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

As noted previously, the real risk is from airports or on airplanes crammed next to people for hours

Incorrect. Airports perhaps, but airplanes have a constant exchange of fresh air and are one of the least likely indoor crowded places to contract the virus, not to mention all passengers and airline staff have to be masked. And if flying internationally, you must present a negative test before boarding. And airlines have the contact info for all passengers, and will advise passengers if someone is found to be positive on arrival. 

I took a full flight from PV to Canada, had not been vaxed at that point, and another 3 days later after the hotel quarantine to my daughter's place where I was finishing out the rest of the 14 day quarantine. Both the PCR test taken on arrival in Canada and the next, 8 days into quarantine, came back negative.

It wasn't a cavalier decision to go, it was pretty essential, and I wouldn't just jet set around for fun, I avoid crowded places, but your statement isn't scientifically based. But then, some people don't seem to want to listen to science.

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