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2nd dose AZ for 40 to 49 and...

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I took my husband to be vaccinated with this group on the 21st of june. They gave him Sinovac and not Astrecazenaeca and of course did not come back for those who received Sinovac. 

This morning I took my husband there to receive the second dose with the same age group nd they have no sinovac and a very long line. 

I was told that my husband had to register in Chapala for next week with the 18 to 30 year old as that group would receive Sinovac but he first had to register with Chapala. I told them he was registered federally and showed them the proof and they told me he had to register with the servidores de la nacion in Chapala and that they would give vaccines in the Centro de Salud in Chapala wherever that is.

Meanwhile my godson who was registered but was denied vaccination with the 18 to 30 year old group in Chapala because he had an INE from Chiapas was told to register with the State of Jalisco either in Guadalajara or Chapala for his vaccine and wa told the INE was irrelevant... 

I am going to Chapala now and will ask the difference between the registrations..

This morning they would not give my huband a astrecazenaca because he had Sinovac as a first dosis,, so much for mixing the vacs here.

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i arrive at 8.30 and i really did not see the end of the line, it was huge..

No vaccine for us. My maid  s papers were not complete.

My husband was told no sinovac and they refused to give him a shot of Astrecazeneca. They told him to register in Chapala and get vaccinated with the 18 to 30 year old next week at the centro de salud in chapala ad they will have sinovac 

As to my god son they told me to register him in jalisco and make an appointment in Guadalajara because they had better vaccines there.

I got that information at the ex city hall..this morning where a nice lady was registering people and answering questions.

another wasted day..

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