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Needed working older windows 10 laptops and desktops and older larger TV's for Have Hammer Will Travel CAD room and students

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We are starting up our classes again after this long shut down, Have hammer will Travel A.C woodworking and CAD school needs  older window 10 desktops and laptops that work.

Luis Algarin  from lakeside computer shop, will clean and reboot the computers for our school, with latest version of windows 10. the school is setting up our CAD classroom . we need four more working computers, and we need computers for the students to take home. The students will make projects in wood then a  create the same project in CAD. These are under privileged boys and girls who need a step up in life.  Who can not afford a computer. We are creating a work stations with two monitors  one a larger tv to create there CAD project.  other one they watch a lesson.. We need older TV's since we use older computers.

The current CAD software we use is TINKERCAD on the cloud , so all we need is a computer that will connect to the internet.

 Some Desktops without keyboard and mouse ok. Thank you for your generous donation. Please drop off at HHWT school  Hidalgo 231-1 in Riberas de Pilar next S&S auto.  I can come and pick larger tv's  Wayne 376 688 1282 HHWT back office. or home 376 766 1860

if you have any experience with basic CAD and want to help set up classroom or teach 4 hours week please come by the school.



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