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A friend of mine wants to donate her car, it has Canadian plates.  I know it is not legal to sell a car with foreign plates but can you give it away to a charity?  If anyone has any experience along these lines I’d appreciate hearing from them.   Thanks.

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I had businesses in USA that was company van that was used to transport folk art that was too fragile to ship in containers, so it ended up being in Mex, and I gave it to Mexicans who really needed it, I paid for all the legalizations and lawyer, an now I still see it around town...

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One of my neighbors had a Canadian plated car that she donated to Cruz Roja. It did take several weeks to finalize. This was in the last 2-3 months. She now has a car with Mexican plates. All of this was accomplished without her leaving Chapala. I do not know the details of the donation.

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