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I was looking to post our experience at the local AM (Bugambilias Plaza) when I noticed that the previous post was hijacked, so...here's a new one.

Frankly, we were disappointed, big time. I ordered a vegetable based dish and it was tasty, but came with no rice or anything, just a dish of sauce, veg and THAT WAS IT. It was like eating a thick soup.  Hubby ordered lamb something-or-the-other and it came as a huge rice dish with BITS of lamb mixed in. Served properly, it should have been like mine--lamb in a sauce, accompanied by rice. It was like all of the rice that should have been served at our table was dumped at the last minute to cover up the fact that lamb was now a valued commodity to be mined like gold. The yoghurt sauce that accompanied the meal (sorry, brain is on hold tonight and am forgetting names) was one step away from water. It was nearly tasteless. The nan bread was a star, but bread doesn't make up for a third-rate meal. The waiter was pretty incompetent...couldn't say what did and didn't make up a dish,  etc. 

The Indian offering at the Laguna food court is far superior and I think of it as "Indian Light" (fast food style)--not gourmet, but still pretty decent for a quickie, relatively cheap meal.

This wasn't fun to write because I really had high hopes for Al Meraj. Maybe it was a new waiter (doesn't explain the food) or maybe we just came at a bad time, but someone really dropped the ball with our meal.

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We go the the Indian place on the Mall frequently and get the spicy and the mild chicken with rice and the tasty onion and naan bread sides included. Generous portions, choice of how spicy we want and reasonable prices.  Well satisfied.  Yes, we've had better Indian food in CA near San Jose, but our expectations are not as high here in this area.  Obvious reasons, eh?

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