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Daily Covid infections far higher than official counts, says specialist

Jim Bowie

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While health authorities are saying that Covid-19 is currently infecting some 20,000 people a day, the actual number is 25 or 30 times higher, according to an infectious disease specialist.

But Dr. Alejandro Macías of the University of Guanajuato offered the less than consoling observation that the pace of infection cannot keep up — because the disease would run out of recipients within two months.

However, he also told a Covid-19 discussion panel that he expects a sudden drop in new cases will occur by September after a peak in August.“It’s a tough situation, there’s a lot of sickness. This is a steep incline that I hope will arrive at its peak in August so as to begin to decline at the end of the month or in September,” Macías told a virtual Covid discussion hosted by the Tec de Monterrey university.

He estimated that half a million Mexicans are being infected daily.

Dr. Alejandro Macías discounted concerns about the Cansino vaccine. Dr. Alejandro Macías discounted concerns about the Cansino vaccine.

A fellow panelist said that despite the pronounced growth in case numbers, Mexico’s situation can be compared with what happened in India and the U.K., where there was an abrupt and rapid decline in new cases.

“If we behave ourselves during two or three weeks we can arrive at the point where there is a rapid descent,” said Dr. Francisco Moreno, head of the Covid department at the ABC Medical Center in Mexico City.

And that, Macías said, means slowing the spread of the virus by avoiding crowds and enclosed spaces and wearing face masks, considering the highly contagious delta variant that is at the forefront of the new infections.

“This could take a turn for the worse if we don’t understand right away that it’s not just about being vaccinated,” Moreno said. “It’s about looking after yourself with basic measures.”
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19 hours ago, Jim Bowie said:



“If we behave ourselves during two or three weeks we can arrive at the point where there is a rapid descent,” said Dr. Francisco Moreno.

No thank you.  Its too late regardless, just let it run its course.  That may seem heartless to some but apparently that is what is going to happen anyways.  Any measures and lock downs mandated by the government will just keep us longer in this Covid nightmare and it won't save any lives because the inevitable will happen anyways in the long run.  Remember the small percentage here who have been vaccinated, most have only been given one shot anyhow.  The 2 shots last about 6 months anyways.  Then you'll need them every six months.  Who really believes the government can afford to give out free shots to everyone every 6 months?  They can barely get out the first shot.  The inevitable is going to happen regardless, if you think differently you are delusional.  It will sooner or later run through the entire population eventually.  Better sooner in my opinion.  So, heck, stop slowing it down, let it do its thing and let us put this nightmare behind us.


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