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Stopping for Pedestrians

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I want to make a point that often when drivers stop to allow a pedestrian to cross the Carretera they may create a dangerous situation. I know that people mean well but they have no control over the traffic coming from the other direction, nor a possible crazy driver deciding to pass on left or even right.

From my perspective, riding a mobility scooter, where I cross at a crossroad I must beware of traffic from 4 directions and be cautious of how I approach the slope onto cobblestones to avert tipping over.

My reason for posting this today is an occurrence fresh from this morning. A driver to my left stopped for me to cross with a line of cars behind him and a large amount of traffic streaming from the right. I waved him on but he did not budge. I tried again but the response was to lower his window and put his hand out to try stopping the oncoming traffic. A this point I was shaking my head - no - and waving furiously for him to move on. Still he stubbornly remained. I finally convinced him of my seriousness by backing up and heading off down the bicycle path.

The moral of this story is, that although it is a kindly action to stop for pedestrians, bear in mind that you have no control over the actions of other drivers and you could create a dangerous situation by stopping; especially if the pedestrian feels obliged to your kindness or garners a false sense of security and steps into moving traffic.

Mind you I have been assisted to cross by some bus drivers who pull across the road blocking all traffic but that is a different story.

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