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Advice for drive from Nogales to Ajijic

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We have done the trip many times:) We generally cross early and only drive about 7 hours a day because of the dogs. We stay the first night in Navajoa at the Best Western Del Rio and the easiest way to book a room is by phone: 52 642 425 5300 They do have a restaurant, not the best restaurant but edible and you do not have to leave the premises and they will even bring it to your room. Nice pool area. Pet friendly of course. 

Just a word to the wise….the last 2 times we drove through Navajoa 2 city cops tried to get money from us by saying our TIP was expired which of course was not. I have read other reports about these two. If stopped just keep saying no comprende espaniol and they will eventually leave you to your business. 

We generally spend the second night at Hotel El Descanso Inn just off of the 15d highway in Mazatlan. Low cost, pet friendly, pool and breakfast is included but make sure to get a room in the building not connected to the office…….seriously much better beds. The ones in the building with the office are rock hard:/ You can book a room with them at Booking.com


Then it is about a 6 1/2 hour drive to Lake Chapala:) 


Both spots have parking right in front of your unit and a night guard that keeps an eye on things:)

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