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Certification de Vacunacion error


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You can request for a correction but only if you have a copy of the document to send as proof.  Our problem is they collected our original at the time we received our second 

vaccine.   Since we did not have a download of the first original we are out of luck.

They don't cut you any slack because they collect the first original vaccine document from you, whether or not that was their intention.

Hope the world does not implement a vaccine passport or we will be stuck here.



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I just received a message from the association of French abroad. telling me they are working on getting the French abroad a European sanitary pass and still have no answer for people like me who was vaccinated with a vaccine not recognized by Europe.

They alo say that in France starting august  we will eed that pass to go to cafe, restaurants, malls, hospitals and any medical establishment.. , planes, trains and buses(long distance). They are upping the checks at the borders and people who are nt vaccinated will have to go in isolation. They did not specify for how long. What they did not discuss is the pass for people coming from abroad.. Without it, it  is really ot possible to eat out or travel in France.. We will see how that work or does not...

They gave until the 15th of september for all the medical personel to be vaccinated and sanccions will start..

All kids between 12 and 18 are also going to have a pass in september... They are getting on their kick and I bet you most of Europe will take similar measures.  Traveling is going to be no fun.

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Could  you get a QR code?  I think in the long run that will be the important thing to have. If they issue you one then I would forget it .. since you have proof you had the two jabs.  You may want to go to the location where they are vaccinating now and see what they say.

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