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PETSOLE Anti Bark Device…any comments?

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In the pet section of Amazon Mexico for 299 pesos:

Effective Bark Control: The PETSOLE Bark Control Device uses high intensity ultrasonic technology and provides a safe and effective solution for dog training and bark control. Our Ultrasonic Bark Remote has a 20 foot long range effective control and is suitable for dogs of all sizes. With PETSOLE, everyone can train their dogs professionally

100% SAFE FOR YOU AND FOR DOGS: Our anti-bark aid emits an ultrasonic sound at 25KHZ that is not harmful to pets and is completely soft and inaudible to human ears. Compared to the dog shock collar, the ultrasonic bark plug will attract the attention of dogs without hurting it and it will eventually learn to associate barking with ultrasound, forming a conditioned reflex.

When my Minnie passed away at about 12 recently, my gardeners, who knew and loved her also, had recently taken a puppy off the streets. She was very frisky and since there was a baby in the house they asked if I might be interested. Not knowing anything else, I said sure. Well, it turned out that “frisky” was an understatement. I named her Kuka and shortly after it became Kuka Loca!!! Have had her for about 2 months now and in addition to getting into everything and consistently on the move, has started some incessant barking, seemingly for no reason. She is outside in a very large yard during the day and am sure that the neighbors are not happy. My other 2 rescue dogs, El Duke and Chiquita Banana, mostly ignore her and sometimes look at me seeming to say, “What’s up with that little bitch?”  At night I bring her in the house and she is dead tired by that time and mostly OK except constantly trying to get to my face to lick it like an ice cream cone! She is a sweet, charming dog who was quickly house trained but this barking situation seems to be getting out of control. Any comments about this devise or other suggestions to control this would be appreciated. Gracias

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I bought something similar many years ago. It wasn't practical for my dog so I gave it to a friend and she said it worked sometimes. As I remember, the trick is to put it at the right height for the dog's head so it hears the signal.

If the dog is not too smart, you might try a citronella collar. It squirts a bit of citronella in the dog's face, it is unpleasant and they stop barking. This worked for 3 days with my Corgi and he started barking again. I looked at him and said, "WHAT are you doing?" He gave me an evil Corgi grin, turned his head sideways so the collar sprayed in his ear, and barked happily.

Please don't use a shock collar. They are cruel and result in a dog who is afraid of everything.

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The shock surprises the dog anddoes not hurt it. One of those worked well on my dog but when the battery goes the dog knows it and start barking again  also if you have severa dogs the bark of another dog if it is close can trigger the shock and confuse the dog. who behaved. 

Another problem if the dog is squitish is will make it worse.. so I have tried many different collars and long tern none of them were satisfactory. ALso some of the dogs seem to get depressed when they have those collars on..

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