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Is there a U.S. Citizen interested in going to Tijuana, crossing bridge and getting the shot? I pay flight.

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I am an older male, no physical problems.

I am looking for a person who would accompany me to T.J., cross the bridge and get their first (at least for me) shot.

I will pay the round trip flight on Volaris and Uber costs.

From what I am seeing, this could be done in one day. Leave early and return on a later flight.

Please PM me.


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I did it in one day.  It was easy.  It's a fairly short walk on CBX, and it wasn't crowded.  I landed in TJ, walked over the border via the CBX and was standing in CA at 7:45 a.m.  I had reserved a Hertz rental car which was waiting for me where I exited the airport.  I drove to the city of Chula Vista, about 15 miles north of the border, got my shot at a CVS, had lunch, did a little shopping and came home.   I did that twice.  It was shockingly easy considering that I know nothing about southern CA, but was still able to find a CVS, a great restaurant and some pretty good shopping.  One day.


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