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Ralph Courtney R.I.P

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In this weeks Guadalajara Reporter there are 3 Obituaries. I would like to acknowledge the passing of Ralph Courtney . Both he and his wife worked tirelessly for the community by  giving of their time, talents and cash in the following manner.

I first met Ralph and his wife Pat when they were members of St Andrews Church and Ralph besides being i/c of the church maintance,  both were very involved in organizing the clothes sales section of the annual Regalorama Bazaar. That section of the event was by far the top money raiser due to their organizational skills. The event was thought up by another super Canadian lady Lisa Taylor, who died some years back but not before giving the seed money to get Abbeyfield started.

Ralph and Pat and a few other souls then went on to establish the new Presbyterian Church in Riberas, again this church provides tremendous outreach support to the community.

These folks like many others in the area are not "GUESTS IN MEXICO" but Residente Permanente and maybe at this time of year when it is fitting to have a Memorial Weekend lets all remember and pay tribute to those "Foreigners" who came and made a difference, a big difference to this community.

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Just FYI to all: there is a FaceBook page called Lake Chapala Memory Wall where posters can announce, or otherwise honor, friends of Lakeside who have passed. It's helpful for many of the posters, and especially for others who haven't heard about the passing or contributions of those who made their mark here. Lakeside7, you may wish to copy and paste your post there for those who aren't members of this group.

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My wife, Dra Martha Nussgen, ran a program, "Ninos del Rio" for many years and Pat and Ralph were great supporters and donors to her project. With their help she was able to provide housing and education for the 30 odd children involved.

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