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Destructive insects

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Just an FYI for those that may not be familiar with destructive insects.

About two years ago, new kitchen cabinets installed, new doors and jams thru out the house.

Upon door jam removal of one bathroom, there was very significant damage from termites, the only thing holding the jam to the frame, was paint, totally eaten thru, about

18 inches from the floor, looked good from standing next to it.

We did have Rene, from Fumigation, come and inject, around the perimeter, shortly after the new cabinets where installed.

Fast forward to today, new cabinets installed,about two years ago, rosewood exterior, plywood and pine used for substructure, a corner cabinet, back wall is infested with termites, this was constructed using a plywood as the back support structure, and I suspect, untreated for termites.

And here comes the forewarning, the carpenter shops, in my estimation, are a MAGNET for termites, have the damn cabinet built with termite resistent material, if not possible, have the constructor treat it with some form of resistance. Fumigate the damn thing BEFORE you bring it into your home, no telling if there are insects present, within the material.

From my understanding, rosewood is not favorable to termites, but the surrounding structure may present an invitation to dine, they like soft woods.

Rene, with Fumigation, is set to arrive Tuesday, and give me an assessment.



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