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On 6/4/2021 at 3:46 PM, mexijims1 said:

Located in Plaza Bugambillas on the Second Floor, over El Torito.

How is it, for those that have tried it?

Josh from M and J Pizza owns this so if you had a pizza from M and J  then you know what he stands for cause its my go to pizza joint also.

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UGH, we are not talking about M&J 's schedule.  We are talking about Pizza 2 Go Go !! 


I thought I read that Pizza 2 Go Go is open 2-9 pm Tues- Sat. 


I like Josh, think he pronounced his name: Josue? --first met him when he worked at Perry's, before he opened M&J Pizza.   He is a good man.  



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1 hour ago, NuevaVida said:

You can call directly, or WhatsApp (I did that in Spanish). +52 331 438 4969 

When did you WhatsApp them? I tried that a month ago and they answered me two days later!  Said they only take orders by phone.  And yes my WhatsApp was sent to them in Spanish (though they answered in English).

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