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Two months ago, there were about 50 wonderful cats of all colors and personalities in the Riberas Cat Shelter. Then there were 87, today (and I don’t know the exact number, but I think, over 100) in overcrowded suites, and at least another 20 or more kittens.

Many people are going north, and not taking their cats with them, instead taking them to the shelter. There is NO MORE ROOM. Now they have to be turned away, and will end up on the streets.

There is a DESPERATE NEED FOR ADOPTIONS. If you are in a position to give some of them a “Forever” home, please consider adopting one, two, three or more. Think about the JOY one cat gives you, and multiply that by the number of cats you will have.

One cat alone doesn’t have another of its own kind to play with, cuddle with and love. If they have a buddy, they will not love you any less.

I grew up with one awesome cat, the reason why I love them so much, but ever since, there have always been at least 2 or more. It is so much better to have a multiple cat household.

Please visit the shelter. You can go in any of the 11 suites and sit with them, invite them to your lap, give them love, treats, or play. Shelter visiting hours are from 10 – 2 Mon - Sat, but the cats are more active between 10 and 12, and tend to take naps in the afternoon. Please treat yourself and the cats to some time together. Perhaps you will find one or more that bond with you.

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