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If you haven't gotten your first jab, go right now to the Instituto Tecnológico. Short lines, lots of chairs, English speakers, VERY organized. Bring a copy of vaccine registration, CRUP, and IMN card front and back. Also proof of residency - we are renters and used a TelMex bill in our landlord's name. Open until 4 pm. It took us about an hour start to finish. Very impressive.

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5 minutes ago, CalGal said:


Did anyone in the Wed group get sick?  I have a friend who got very sick on Thurs.

My arm didn't even hurt, but husband was very tired on Thurs. My friend who went on Mon was also fatigued the next day. Individual reactions vary. My friend in VA who got Pfizer had head and muscle aches.

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My Doc. said the reaction varies and that my reaction to Pfizer was normal: little to no reaction from the first shot and a mild reaction to the second shot some 24 days later. I was kind of tired and/or groggy with a sore arm for about a day.

He also said that some folks have little to no reaction or feelings as a result of these shots and that some have a somewhat worse reaction from the two shots than I did.

All I know is that I am glad that I got these two vaccine shots and that there do not seem to be any folks lakeside, getting the virus.

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Hey Kam, you may be right. I only got back lakeside late last April, after a long visit up north. And so my contacts have been limited. 

I guess, I should have posted, not many people are getting the virus these days, because 1, they have already had and recovered from the virus, or 2. that they have gotten the vaccine shots and are now protected from getting it these days.


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