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US Consulate June schedule

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   Drop off Saturdays at LCS  10:30 am-12:30 pm

Use form DS-82 for renewal          fee $110 USD

·      *See item 5 for paying with pesos

When dropping off at Lake Chapala Society bring the following:

1.   Completed form using black ink

2.   Proper 2”X2” one color passport photo (NO GLASSES)

3.   Your current passport and a copy

4.A pre paid Fed Ex envelope purchased at IShop in San Antonio (short block East from Super Lake) Originating address: US Consulate calle Progreso 175, Col Americana, Americana, 44100 Guadalajara, Jal. 

5.Payment in CASH ONLY either US dollars or Mexican pesos at the   current monthly rate. EXACT CHANGE ONLY


If you are paying with pesos, the adult renewal amount is 2255 pesos. (20.5)

Of special note question #8 is your US address or mail forwarding address and question #18 is your local Mexico address. Also please be sure the photo is with a smooth white background. Genesis Digital photography is located at Ocompo #34 in Ajijic.


      Here is what happens when you turn in completed items above:

All your paperwork and a copy of receipt will be placed in an individual  envelope with your name on it.

         You will receive a receipt for the paperwork and cash received

 Twice a month the applications will be taken to the consulate and  processed (approximately 4 weeks) then sent in your prepaid envelope to IShop who will notify you.   

Questions: pifernr@gmail.com          

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