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Recommendations for interior and exterior paint

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And if you buy the really good quality paint, make absolutely certain that the person applying it does NOT dilute it with water. My favourite paint is Sayer and I buy from the little store just east of the Pemex in Riberas del Pilar. It is called Maxima and is a 100% acrylic paint for interiors and exteriors with excellent coverage and is 100% washable with a 15 year guarantee. He also has a very extensive colour chart if you ask him for more choices. Six years later, both my interior and exterior paint are still going strong.


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On 5/28/2021 at 5:17 PM, dichosalocura said:

Locally we like the quality of casther paint.  Sherwin Williams is probably the best followed by Casther in my oppinion.  Just don't go with Comex their paint fades terribly in the sun and is the worst.

Really, My whole house has been painted (interior) with Comex Vinimex and there are no issues at all.

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