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Rules: Leaving MX by land travel, then flying back in. Immigration on exit?

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Am Residente Permanente, will be traveling by car to the U.S. next month.

Plan to fly back in to Mexico in a month or less perhaps.

Must I check out of Mexico by visiting Immigration in Laredo so that I have a record of

leaving Mexico? When I fly back in, I will only have the flight information of the incoming airline

on the Immigration paperwork. I suspect that Mexico does not require every person leaving Mexico by

land to check in with Immigration. Is that true? The lines would be backed up for blocks to just check out of Mexico.

Thanks for inputs.


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You are going to hear some people say that it is unnecessary to check out when traveling by land and this has been confirmed to them by INM personnel. However, if you read the back of the FMM (in English and Spanish) submission of the FMM form has no exception for anyone at any time. It reads, in part, "All foreigners, including diplomatic personnel, must fill out this form individually and present it..." As you are returning by air, the computers at some point will try to link the exit portion to the reentry portion, as both have the same bar code number.

Solidaridad-Colombia is a quick and efficient Laredo crossing. Never in 15 years has any official at Colombia, Juárez-Lincoln or Progreso, Pharr=Reynosa told me NOT to submit the document. But, your risk level and experience may vary.

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