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Ishop vs. Estafeta for shipping packages/vitamins from USA to Ajijic

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Ishop vs. Estafeta for shipping packages/vitamins from USA to Ajijic


I wonder if you can help me.

I am looking to have some packages/vitamins sent from the USA to Ajijic.

Based on info I came across on this forum, my understanding is that it can be very difficult to clear Mexican customs when shipping vitamins by mail.

It looks like Ishop & Estafeta can provide this Mexico import clearance (especially for vitamins).

I would appreciate any info that anyone has in dealing with either of these companies, especially for importing vitamins. Is there a maximum value of vitamins that can be imported? What are the duties & taxes and company brokerage fees?

Does anyone know of another company that provides this service?



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Well goodluck. Mexico has wierd laws about supplements/vitamins.  Sometimes they take them and sometimes they don't.  Remember they treat vitamins like a perscription drug. You might try getting a doctor to write you a script with Vitamin C, Vitamin D and volunteer to pay the IVA tax of 16%.  It works for me. I can only speak for bringing them in myself so bring the receipts.  Import clearing houses may be able to do things I can't do.  Others I am sure will comment. 

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More and more vitamins and supplements are available thru Amazon Mexico and Costco (limited).  Have also used Carethy website.  Not cheap compared to what you pay in US, but depending on import fees and delivery charges from other US sources, may be about the same cost???

OP---If you list what you are looking for, maybe others can advise.  

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I've had good luck with these people over the past two years.

America Ship

Never had a vitamin or supplement refused.

After you sign up for a free account, you get a unique shipping address in Brownsville, TX, where you have your supplier send the supplements.

Their website is not easy to navigate, and the importation process is a bit confusing. But once you do it once or twice, it seems pretty straightforward.

Shipments usually arrive in about five days via Estafeta.

Costs after shipping, handling, import duty, etc., make them competitive with Amazon.com.mx and iHerb.mx.


P.S. I have no connection with them, except as a satisfied customer.

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Our son shipped a package with vitamins to us and it became such a hassle that we ended up sending the whole thing back. It cost a lot of money for shipping from the US to Mexico and then back to the US. We now order our vitamins from Amazon Mexico and never have had a problem.

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