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When does it become "political"?

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It appears that threads are only judged by the moderator to be "political" and become locked when anything to do with the US is criticized. Fine to bash other countries, it seems, but don't dare contest the "greatest country on earth".

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It becomes political when some people use a thread about Canadians getting vaccines to post derogatory comments about someone else's country which results in my getting complaints from members.  I wasn't even following that thread until I started to get complaints about it.  And not from "Texas buddies" either.

Your opening post, "mudgirl", proved that the complaints were warranted.  That is exactly what was going on in that thread.  This board is about Mexico, not a forum for ugly Canadians to bash the U.S. constantly or vice versa.

Andy I deleted your post because it was a direct violation of the rules and yet another manifestation of your personal unpleasantness.  I see another like it you get a 30 day time out.  Since this has been a chronic problem since your recent arrival here there won't be further warnings on this subject.  If it continues you'll be shown the door.

(Edit note:  Yep on another thread, same old personal nastiness.  Andy is enjoying a 30 day vacation.)

Same goes to you mudgirl.  You have been told repeatedly that this is not a public forum for your politics or your problems with moderation.  You've been repeatedly warned about this, next time you'll be shown the door also.

The only point you two made on that thread was to provide yet another example of failure to follow the rules about politics and attacking moderation, not to mention mean spiritedness and churlishness.  


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