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Power Outage, upper Ajijic

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All I know, is that the power is back on and when it was down it involved a single phase. (I hope I spelled that right).

So whatever the problem it has gone away.

Gosh, it is great to be back from the far north and fully vaccinated. I've been going out now to eat, twice per day. And there are not that many people at the local restaurants. Our breakfast group that used to go out 5 times per week, goes out about once per week, these days.

Sadly most of the people, I know, who want to be vaccinated, have yet to get their shots. And most of those who have received their first shot, are overdue for a second shot, because there is no more vaccine available, at this time.

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Well if you can obtain the shot free at most Wal-Mart's NOB, I am sure that our local Wallymart could do better than the local authorities have done. I said month's before that secret to the success of the vaccination is how you plan to administer it. When you have to have the National  Guard watching the stuff  is not stolen,  then the society is really  "sic"

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